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A Letter from the Heart…

Faith, Ceramics, and Our Shared Journey

Dear Expressives Family,

I hope this letter finds you embracing a peaceful moment, ready to share in the story of how clay has profoundly shaped my life. Ceramics is not just my passion; it’s a vital connection to my faith and to each of you.

Expressives Art By Tammy Jo Schoppet - Founder

My path to ceramics began unexpectedly, born from a need to heal after a medical diagnosis nudged me towards finding a “healing hobby.” What I discovered was far more than a pastime—it became my peace and my purpose. This transformative power of clay is what I aim to share with you through each piece of handmade inspirational art I create.

At Expressives, every ceramic item tells a story of resilience, hope, and the beauty of personal growth. Like life, clay is malleable, shaped under the creator’s careful hands. This process mirrors our own experiences, where challenges forge us stronger. My faith in God has guided me through this journey, akin to the potter who shapes the clay with intention and love.

More Than Just A Piece of Pottery

Every cup, sculpture, or piece from Expressives goes beyond being mere objects; they are symbols of our connection and shared joy. Whether it’s a daily-used cup or a decorative sculpture, each is crafted with immense love and a belief that its recipient was meant to connect with me, sharing in this joy and perhaps finding comfort.

Our interactions extend beyond simple transactions; they are heartfelt exchanges that touch lives and build a community where no one feels alone. Your support not only sustains the ancient art of ceramics but keeps our communal stories alive and vibrant.

If life ever feels overwhelming, remember, I am here. Whether you need a prayer or just a moment of connection, do not hesitate to reach out. My faith is my fortress, and it’s a blessing I am eager to share with you.

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I invite you to experience our creations, letting the colors, shapes, and textures remind you of life’s beauty in imperfection and the incredible potential within changes. Every piece at Expressives is not just made; it is a part of a life, imbued with stories eager to join yours.

Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and hearts. Let’s continue to uncover the profound stories clay tells, bound together by art and spirit. Your involvement in this journey is a cherished reminder of the beautiful tapestry we create when connected by art and faith.

With all my joy, love and gratitude,

Tammy Jo
Expressives Art

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