The Story

Welcome to Expressives Art – A Journey Through Clay 

My story began with a curiosity that sparked in my heart at 17, while working at the Egyptian museum in San Jose, California. Fascinated by the personal histories embedded in ancient handmade pottery, my passion for ceramics lay dormant for 28 years until it was reignited through a diagnosis and my resulting pursuit to find a “healing hobby”, as recommended by my doctor.

What followed was a transformative journey into the world of ceramics, beginning by starting a self-education YouTube video series “365 Days of Clay Cups.” This “hobby potter” journey not only refined my skills but also built a nurturing community of learners and enthusiasts.

The Art of Encouragement

At Expressives Art, I see clay as the spiritual metaphor for life — malleable and transformative with the guidance of the Creator. My clay creations also go through fire to emerge stronger, just as we do. Each piece, with its spontaneous forms and bursts of color, carries messages of hope, resilience, and joy. Each handmade piece is a reminder of the beauty that can be found within imperfection and the strength gained through growth.

Through solo exhibitions, acclaimed books like “365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup – A Day – A Year,” and continuous engagement online, I’ve cultivated a space that celebrates the shared journey of color, art, and life.

Join Our Community

Every functional cup or artistic sculpture from Expressive Art is a story waiting to uplift and inspire. Whether it’s a simple handmade mug or a complex sculptural work, each is crafted with love and a deep respect for the diversity found in different clays. I invite you to be a part of our journey, to find inspiration and perhaps a piece of yourself in our art.

Discover the Stories We Tell Through Clay

Visit us, follow our journey, and let’s create something beautiful together. Your support not only uplifts my spirits but also keeps the ancient art of ceramics vibrant and alive