Meet The Maker

If it brings you a smile, strengthens your faith, or expresses a special encouragement for yourself or a friend, then you have experienced the faith-filled purpose behind each EXPRESSives handmade piece by Tammy Jo Schoppet!
“I’m thankful to have been given the gift of finding physical and emotional healing through pottery making. It’s with this gratitude I hope my art and designs can be uplifting and supportive to others!” 

January 1, 2011, Tammy Jo released the first YouTube video as “Hobby Potter” and began her pottery-making journey. For accountability and motivation, she tracked her growth through the daily video series “365 Days of Clay Cups“, which was later published into a book (available thru Amazon). 

By sharing her “real-time” successes and failures,  Tammy Jo was able to grow and heal through her faith. She was able to connect with like-minded people from all over the world who supported each other.   It’s with this spirit of community and encouragement that continues to move Tammy Jo in sharing her inspirational art through EXPRESSives! 

“With so much joy in their making, it feels like I’m infusing a secret ingredient with each piece I create!”