The Journey – The Joy

The spark for my clay journey began when I was 17 years old working at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California. While cleaning the glass in the galleries, I was fascinated by the fingerprints found in 6,000 year old pottery. I wondered about its significance, not as a museum artifact, but about the life of the everyday person who created it …”Who were you?”

The catalyst to my clay journey stayed  with me for 25 years, only to resurface when a doctor’s prescription required me to “find a hobby”, relax and to heal. 

My education began in 2011 when I created a year-long YouTube video series, “365 Days of Clay Cups”. I shared daily cup throwing videos as I learned, and received the critique and instruction of potters from all around the world. These public learning sessions not only helped me grow, but benefited a community of aspiring potters, watching me fall down and get back up, as I learned pottery techniques. This experience led to a solo gallery show and then a book, “365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup – A Day – A Year”. I still find great joy in creating online content and connecting with other creatives in the clay world!

I believe clay is a beautiful metaphor for the ebb and flow of our lives!

The processes of growth and maturity in every ceramic piece is runs parallel to our spiritual connection as we journey through life. From creation to going through “fire”, it’s encouraging know that with guidance and faith we can become stronger and more resilient along the way. Each experience, each piece, is unique and “perfectly imperfect”.  My work uses spontaneous forms and colorful imagery to express light messages of encouragement and joy. Whether we’re talking about a simple handmade cup, or about God guiding us as individuals, each has an inspiring story that needs to be told, to be used as a way as a way to uplift and support one another!

* 2012 – “365 Cups” Exhibition: Chartreuse Muse, Modesto CA.

* 2015 – Lodi Art 55th Spring Art Show / Mondavi Winery, Stockton CA – Honorable Mention

* 2016 – Book: “365 Days of Clay Cups “ A Cup- A Day – A Year”(Available on Amazon & Kindle)

* 2016 – Stanislaus Magazine: “Creatives of the County”

* 2017 – Book: “Touchstones, Life and Times of Modesto” – Creatives of the County

* 2021 – Mistlin Art Gallery – 3D Sculpture – 1st Place – Mistlin Gallery 

* 2022 – Mistlin Art Gallery-  3D Sculpture – 1st Place – Mistlin Gallery