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How to Choose the Perfect Mug / Cup

The vessel you drink from should be a “moment”. It’s an intimate part of our daily rituals that can enhance the experience with the contents and our surroundings. I’m always fascinated watching people select their “perfect mug”.  If you are in the market for your own personal drinking vessel, here are some logical (and some emotional) characteristics to consider. 

    • Size: Consider how much liquid you typically like to drink in one sitting. If you prefer smaller amounts, a smaller mug might be best. If you like larger servings, a bigger mug may be more suitable.

    • Shape and design: Mugs come in various shapes, designs, and styles. Consider what design, color, or texture would make you happy, comfortable, or would complement your decor.

    • Material: Mugs can be made from various materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel, or plastic. Consider your preferences, and whether you prioritize insulation, durability, or sustainability.

    • Handle: A comfortable handle is important for holding your cup or mug with ease. Consider first if you even prefer to use a handle. If so, the handle size, shape, and position that suits your grip and comfort. 

    • Lip shape: The shape of the mug’s rim can affect the way the liquid flows into your mouth. Consider the shape of the lip and the thickness of the rim for the drinking experience you prefer. (Potters side note: An inward facing rim (as charming as a rounded cup is) will disperse the flow of liquid and may be difficult to drink from.)

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe: Check if the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe if these features are important to you.  I have so much to say about this, so I’ll try and keep it brief. 

    • Microwavable Ceramics: I’ll be honest, most handmade ceramic mugs can only take about 1-2 minutes in a microwave. If you notice a handmade cup or mug getting hotter than the beverage within it, this means it’s probably not microwavable. The vessel is slighly absorbing moisture which is heating up the interior lining of the mug. This built up heat and pressure can lead to cracking or even exploding. BE CAREFUL! Also be aware than metalic designs on handmade mugs are never microwavable.

    • Dishwasher Ceramics: Most ceramics are dishwasher safe…but… this does not guarantee that the design will remain shiny, bright and vibrant. Why? Most diswasher soaps have a small amount of abrasive material. This material will eventually wear down the beautiful surface.

The perfect mug FOR YOU should be comfortable, pleasant to look at, and give suitable for your beverage preferences.