[ Encouragement & Hope ]

Shadow & Light Collection

“Keep your face to the sunshine and
shadows will fall behind you!”

The message of this collection is to share the beauty of stepping out of the shadows and allowing yourself to experience your  inner beauty! 

Transformation is exciting, but begins with courage…
There is nothing like a positive transformation story! Whether it’s someone who goes from sickness to health or an amazing before and after reveal, there is no denying people enjoy seeing good things happen to people. In contrast, the “fast and effortless” culture of Social Media, leaves out the most courageous and important step … the 1st one. 

The first step requires faith…

The faithful first step into a new life experience could be as simple as a heartfelt prayer, a friendly smile or an outstretched hand offering help. When you are in the darkest places of life everything feels hopeless, you can’t see life clearly and it’s difficult to find your way. Stepping into your God given purpose for your life, could be the most exhilarating, rewarding and believe it or not, peaceful  result of letting your light shine for the world to enjoy. 

Creating Shadows & Light

My vision was to create 3D ceramic forms, (with 2D aesthetics) giving the appearance of a “following shadow”,  regardless of the lighting or  angle from which they are being viewed. The colorful imagery reflects the unique beauty each of us has to offer when we step into the light of God’s will!

My hope is that all the pieces of this collection Shadow & Light Collection bring love, joy and peace! ~ Tammy Jo


The Shadow & Light Collection art pieces will be available online and in local galleries beginning March 5th, 2024!


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