Our Story – Art by Tammy Jo Schoppet

Clay Philosophy
Wheel-thrown clay is a beautiful metaphor for the ebb and flow of our lives. A simple mound of clay is formed into a vessel, and gains strength when put through the fires of a kiln (or life). The potter has formed it, uniquely individual with a specific purpose in mind. Being that we are made up of the same elements found in the earth, and pottery being the chosen example the Creator uses to describe our existence, there is a connection that is undeniably surreal.

Hello and Welcome
My name is Tammy Jo Schoppet and I’m excited you are joining me on my ceramic art adventures! 

In 2011 I began my authentic pottery journey as YouTube’s “Hobby Potter” and began a learning quest by throwing a “cup-a-day” for a year. These daily videos allowed me to opportunity to get advice on techniques,  and also share the successes and struggles I experienced along the way. 

The momentum of this healing project led to a decade-long exploration through videos and events. I was able to encourage people to try something new, take risks, and embrace personal growth that comes from the struggles of learning. Once I had the techniques down, I was hoping to share encouragement through my art and clay inspirations.

EXPRESSives is my hub for sharing uplifting colorful art, and faith-filled inspirations infused with my quirky “expressive” personality!
“Encouragement for daily living” is my hope for these pieces and your experience with them.