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Handmade LUV MUG | Blue Cosmic Daisy & Heart-Shaped Handle


“Start Each Day with Inspiration with the ‘COSMIC BLUE DAISY LUV MUG'”

Embrace each morning with our ‘COSMIC BLUE DAISY LUV MUG,’ a beautiful representation of God’s creativity. This handmade mug, featuring a vivid blue daisy that drapes over from the outside to the inside, serves as a daily reminder of the vast divine artistry surrounding us. Perfect for peaceful morning coffees or reflective evening teas, it brings a moment of gratitude and serenity into your routine.

Approx. Dimensions: – 6″W (including handle), 4″D x 3.5″ H

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Introducing the ‘Cosmic Blue Daisy LUV MUG’ – Start Your Day with Serenity

Begin your mornings with the ‘Cosmic Blue Daisy LUV MUG,’ a handmade mug designed to bring peace to your daily routine. This mug features a simple blue daisy design that makes each sip enjoyable. Its clean lines and soothing colors are easy on the eyes, enhancing your morning coffee or tea.

Made from durable stoneware and fired at high temperatures, this mug is built to last through many mornings and evenings. The heart-shaped handle is not only cute but also makes the mug easy to hold.

Why Choose the ‘Cosmic Blue Daisy LUV MUG’? It’s not just any mug. Its straightforward design and functionality enhance your daily rituals, making every coffee or tea break a moment of calm.

Care Instructions for Your ‘Cosmic Blue Daisy LUV MUG’:

  • Microwave safe for quick reheating.
  • Dishwasher safe, but handwashing is better for keeping its color bright.
  • Each mug is handmade, showcasing unique craftsmanship.

Ideal for a gift or a special treat for yourself, the ‘LUV MUG’ is more than just a way to drink—it’s a celebration of art and quiet moments. Start each day with a mug that reflects your calm, making every morning a little more special.

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 5.25 × 4.25 in