• Hand-painted red flower ceramic cups perfect for morning coffee.
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Handmade Colorful LUV MUG | Red Daisy & Heart-Shaped Handle


This colorful, handmade “LUV MUG” makes every sip enjoyable! It features a uniquely crafted, heart-shaped handle for easy grip and a vibrant red daisy with design inside and out. Perfect for your wake-up coffee or evening tea!
Simple, stylish, and “stoneware” sturdy, it’s your ideal daily mug for carving out unique moments in your day.”

Approx. Dimensions: – 6″W (including handle), 4.5″ D x 3.5″ H

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The ‘LUV MUG’ – Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Dive into your day with the ‘LUV MUG,’ a vibrant, handmade mug designed to brighten your daily rituals. This expressive piece boasts a lively red daisy pattern and intricate black grid details that draw the eye inward, enhancing your sipping experience. Crafted from durable stoneware and fired at temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees, this mug is built for both the bustling mornings and peaceful evening teas.

Why ‘LUV MUG’? It’s more than just a mug. The heart-shaped handle doesn’t just add charm; it improves balance and makes the mug easier to hold, ensuring every moment is a pleasure. Perfect for those who cherish special moments, the ‘LUV MUG’ turns every coffee or tea into a celebration of the day ahead.

Caring for Your ‘LUV MUG’

  • Safe in the microwave for quick warm-ups.
  • Dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended to maintain its vibrant finish.
  • Enjoy the unique qualities of your handmade mug, with each one featuring slight variations that highlight its handmade nature.

Choosing our ‘LUV MUG’ means embracing a piece that embodies warmth and craftsmanship, setting it apart from mass-produced alternatives. Start your morning with a mug that’s as dynamic as you are, transforming routine sips into memorable daily highlights.

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 5.25 × 4 in