Rustic Reflection Cup/Tumbler – LIFE-lines


Reflection Cup – Colorful Moments Within The Chaos…

“The “reflection cup” is a personal tradition, started over 20 years ago. During a trying time in my life, a dear friend gifted me with a pre-printed cup surrounded by a prayer. It was simple, yet profound. Each morning as I sipped from it, I began to read, pray and reflect, which started the day with the right mindset.

After learning to throw on the pottery wheel,  I wanted to share pieces that carried importance and were more than just functional, but also meaningful.  A moment of reflection and a faithful connection is a gift I’d love to pass on to you. – Tammy Jo

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EXPRESSives are hand-designed and wheel-thrown by Tammy Jo Schoppet. Each piece is create individually unique, so you will never find to pieces to exactly alike. 
  • Wheel-thrown & individually hand-designed by Tammy Jo Schoppet

  • Iron speckled stoneware surrounded in porcelain slip

  • Best if hand-washed – Not microwave safe .  Abstract Designs will vary, each piece is unique

Please note: Photos are representative of cup style and colors.  Abstract Designs will vary, each piece is unique

Additional information

Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.75 in


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