SEEDS of FRIENDSHIP! Inspirational Word of the Day for Friends, With Training Card


Life’s journey is best walked together with friends who uplift, encourage and inspire us! Whether you are nurturing a friend or are the one being cared for, these SEEDS will become daily purposeful prompts directing your focus in an active positive direction.

Use these SEEDS as an inspiration tool, pocket reminder or even for deeper personal reflection on the blessings of friendship.

You’ll receive 10 word SEEDS,  safely packed in their own “gift ready” box. Inside is a Cultivation (Training) Card with simple instructions to quickly “sow what you want to grow”.  The best way to establish new habits is to bring each positive concept into the active parts of your day


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SET of 10 (2 of each color) – Each ceramic bean SEED is handmade and uniquely individual! Photos represent colors and basic designs, but each set is different because of the their handmade nature.

Words included with this set will be white clay and varied color glazes with handwritten words and designs.

Each SEED Pod is approximately 2″ x 1.5″

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