[ Encouragement & Hope ]

Someone Believes In You

“The greatest force for making people bigger and better than they are now is to belief in your heart and mine that they have infinite potential for growth. Even when they fail us, we are to continue to carry and express the mental image of what they may become.
To have someone believe in you, even when you fail, is the most blessed and creative force in the universe.”
Lewis L. Dunningham

We all have the potential for change. As a matter of fact we are different today than we were yesterday and will be tomorrow. Just the simple understanding of how adept we are to change, should give us hope for tomorrow! If we make positive in changes each day (no matter how small), you can tap into the most blessed and creative force in the universe…if we just believe.

Take the time today to grow and change yourself  by encouraging someone else… I believe in you!  
Tammy Jo