[ Encouragement & Hope ]

Who Inspires You?

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”
~ George Halas ~

Once in a while a person touches our lives with words and actions so special that they change us forever. These are the people who extend our vision and inspire us to higher levels of personal achievement. They are our heros!¹

You’ll find them everywhere, in schoolrooms, at work, and often times they are simply strangers. There are those who practice personal excellence and make a choice to develop noble values, and their character shines on others in a positive way.

Take a moment today and choose to begin coloring outside the lines, stretch yourself just a little more toward excellence.

What can you do today better than you did it yesterday? Watch and see how that changes your tomorrow! 

¹ Partial expert from, “A Hero in Every Heart” by H. Jackson Brown, Jr 
& Robyn Spizman